19 December, 2012

Esther's Baby Shower

 It was dreary and drizzling outside, but inside was bright and festive!
Everything was set, and ready to bless one of my best friends as she and her husband prepare for their daughter's arrival.
Make-your-own fruit pizzas
Chocolate fondue
Juice, Coffee, Tea
(it was all delicious!)

 And, for the tables, little (fake) presents with baby things on top.
And candy. There was candy.

 My dear Esther and her sweet mother:
 Esther's sister-in-law, Rachel, is also expecting and helped put the shower together.
It was fun to get this picture of all 3 of us!
 I know that everyone was happy to gift Esther and Joel with many things they need for their baby.
They are well prepared for her arrival!
I can't wait to hear news of the little lady's arrival, and my girls are excited to make her their newest friend!