21 March, 2015

Olivia, Two!

 Miss Olivia is two. 

 This little munchin, 
my roly-poly babycakes.

Now, she is my spunky, goofy, loving, stubborn, determined
little two year old.

It was a busy day of travel, so we made breakfast our special time. 

So fun to have a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse and princesses.
She calls them "pi-pess-es".

The way Olivia chatters, and asks, and bosses....
her verbal skills amaze me.

She still loves to cuddle, and can be found quietly playing with her little dolls.
However, if you cross her, she will shout, scream no, and hit.
Yup, she's a little sinner.

Every time we sit and read the Bible, she will point to it and squeal, "Jesus!". 
What a blessing! 
Olivia likes to sing songs about everything, and will sing anywhere, anytime!

We are so blessed by this little girl, and love her forever.

Happy Birthday, Livi.