27 April, 2012

Thursday Evening

 Outside is our favorite place to be when the weather is nice.

Amazing Daddy:

 These little girls love dirt, leaves, grass, sticks, rocks, dandelions, and acorns.

My oh-so-silly Ava!

 Last night we grilled pizza. It was delicious, and the little Misses loved having a picnic!

25 April, 2012


I cut my hair! 
It's been a year since I've had it cut,
and this is probably the shortest it's ever been.
(It may have been shorter when I did a Locks of Love donation.)
I love it short!
(And so glad that Scott likes it too.)

Bring on the heat, summer!

White Cowgirl Hat

It doesn't get much cuter than this.
And really, this is extremely cute.

17 April, 2012

One Year

One year ago
this sweet little girl
was being dreamed of
know but unknown
and I was ready to pop!
She's nearly 1 year old
and where has the time gone?

Days go By...

Ava loves to help clean, and Lucy was tickled pink to get in on the action, too!
"Want a ride, Lucy?"
"All done!"
"My turn!"
Road hog!
Then it just got silly.

Growing up so fast. What sweethearts!
(Ava loves her stuffed horse. I love her hair in those little buns!)

13 April, 2012

The Couch

Have you ever sat on a couch that was so uncomfortable you would rather sit on the floor?
We had one of those. (Still do, it's just been relocated.)
This particular couch was coming on 50 years old. It is a massive, gross faux-velvet wonder. I did make a slipcover for it nearly 3 years ago.
It's also a hideabed, which makes it incredibly heavy. I don't know how the guys have been okay with moving it around so much.
Don't get me wrong, I really am thankful we even have furniture. It has served its purpose well! The slipcover is pretty beat up now, though, and this couch is not comfortable.
The other side of this is that we didn't have comfortable (or enough) seating when people came over, and the family room is also our movie room.
(We have a loveseat that is now in our basement, which we've turned into a cozy project area.)
It took a bit to find a style both Scott and I agreed on, since we have differences in furniture taste. (He likes traditional furniture, I like a modern/classic look.)
We did find a couch, though, and we are so pleased with it!
Last night we enjoyed a movie while cuddled up on the new couch.
The girls love it too, and we are so pleased with how it fits our space and makes the room so cozy!

05 April, 2012


March 2011
April 2012

Hello, April

{Is it just me, or did the last 3 months fly by?!}

We "baked" cupcakes yesterday. Such fun!
These are free printables that I picked up a year ago, and waited until I knew Ava would appreciate them.
She loves them! Of course, Miss Ava has been about all things cupcakes lately!
Lucy is our busy little girl.
She is learning about "no".
She also likes to try and do what I call "cute her way out" of things.
(Unfortunately for her, smiling doesn't excuse throwing your food on the floor.)
Here she is demonstrating her spoon using skills:
And, for fun, my pigtail girl.
We are trying some new hairstyles to keep her hair clean longer. (Because when you're 2, things get grubby fast.)
And isn't it just adorable?!