29 September, 2010

1st Birthday, in Pictures:

(Warning: This is a ridiculously long post.)

Birthday morning: "So big!" (This also doubles as "touchdown!")
Ava loved dancing around and being sung to!
"Happy Birthday" is her new favorite song, I'm pretty sure.
Since we are forgetful parents, her gifts sat until just before bedtime.
She wasn't so sure about taking off the paper...
it took a few minutes for her to get the hang of it.

A little help from daddy encouraged her to rip away!

I love the expressions in these...

It went from "what??" to "yay! I can knock it over!"

Then daddy put tissue paper on her head.

Her second gift was no problem. She had it unwrapped in about 2 minutes.

This one came with a cool red ball that she did not want to stop playing with.
She's pretty enamored with her new things, and we enjoyed spending a special birthday time with her!
The Birthday Party is on Saturday...
so stay tuned for another ridiculously long post. :)

28 September, 2010

Happy Birthday..

To my sweet, spunky Punkin'!

One year ago today, September 28th...
After 23 hours of labor...
30 minutes of pushing...
38 weeks of carrying you...
(and being in a wedding just 24 hours before going into labor),
we met our beautiful, perfect, whole,
8 pound, 14 ounce daughter
at 12:21pm.
You are such a darling...
and we love you...

Our prayer for you is to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior,
to live a life pleasing to Him,
to spread His love to everyone around you,
and to be a woman that glorifies God in everything you do.

27 September, 2010

Flower Hair Band Giveaway!!

Hayley is having a giveaway!

You had better believe I'd love to get one of these, but if you get over there before tomorrow you could get your foot in the door of opportunity as well!
Not only that, but she shows you how to make them, too. :)


She is learning to be brave, to not fear what she has to learn (mental note of applicable life lesson).

She is learning to make friends, to be friendly and willing to be the one who is less aggressive.

She is demonstrating an early ability to rock any style.

She shows a desire to discover, to know if the limits she has found are the only limits existing.
To the parents, this can sometimes prove challenging.

She loves stuffed animals. This is what happens when I ask if she wants to "give a kiss". Her mouth is wide open!

She is my daughter, and I love her deeply.
She is almost a year old...
almost time to sing "Happy Birthday" to my 1-year-old...
almost time to make cupcakes and food and have family come to celebrate this first wonderful milestone...
almost time to stop calling her "baby" and recognize that toddlerhood will quickly be upon us.
But who am I kidding?
She will always be my little girl.

23 September, 2010

April 29th

...is the "new due date".
November 14th is in no way forgotten...and I'm wondering what sort of new emotions will hit me as I reach the due date of my last baby, pregnant with #3.
And when people ask if "this is #2"...it's easier to just say yes. There are many of you that know what I mean.

I am excited about this baby. I can't express the overwhelming thankfulness that grips me at times, knowing I have a life inside me. What a precious gift!

Thank you, Lord, for Your blessings. They are marvelous and good!

20 September, 2010


We saw some really cool people. Funny part is that I only took these pictures:

(She does a fantastic "deer in the headlights".)

This Morning...

...with my two favorite people...

...some peekaboo...

...and silliness...

17 September, 2010


"If you dwell on your feelings about things rather than on the faithfulness, love, and mercy of God, then you're likely to have a bad day. Dwelling on the faithfulness, and love of God is always safe, because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." -E. Elliot

16 September, 2010

Miss Ava

Ask if she wants to "sing a song". Instant response is her finger up, waiting to hear "This Little Light of Mine".
She claps...

...discovered that grandpa and grandma's Johnny Jump Up is so fun that we had to bring it home with us...

...and is so full of smiles!

p.s. I got "Just because I love you" flowers. They are so pretty...

12 September, 2010


I wish there were more great writings like this today. "Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Wretched" was sung today. It is beautiful, and the words seemed to caress my soul in a heavenly embrace. Not to over dramatize this, but read what it says, and remember how great the cost that Jesus paid, and how deeply He desires you to surrender to Him:

Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched,
Weak and wounded, sick and sore;
Jesus ready stands to save you,
Full of pity joined with pow'r:
He is able,
He is able,
He is able,
He is willing; doubt no more;
He is willing; doubt no more.

Come, ye needy, come and welcome,
God's free bounty glorify;
True belief and true repentance,
Ev'ry grace that brings you nigh,
Without money,
Without money,
Without money,
Come to Jesus Christ and buy;
Come to Jesus Christ and buy.

Come, ye weary, heavy laden,
Bruised and broken by the fall;
If you tarry till you're better,
You will never come at all:
Not the righteous,
Not the righteous,
Not the righteous,
Sinners Jesus came to call;
Sinners Jesus came to call.

Let not conscience make you linger,
Nor of fitness fondly dream;
All the fitness he requireth
Is to feel your need of him;
This he gives you,
This he gives you,
This he gives you;
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam;
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam.

Lo! th'incarnate God, ascended,
Pleads the merit of his blood;
Venture on him, venture wholly,
Let no other trust intrude:
None but Jesus,
None but Jesus,
None but Jesus
Can do helpless sinners good;
Can do helpless sinners good.
~Joseph Hart

03 September, 2010

I love Fall

Call it Fall or Autumn, whatever suits your fancy.
It's the time of year when the leaves turn color, fall to the ground, and get all crunchy and cool.
The bare branches look artistic and stark against often bleak skies, and gloriously sunny days are rarely so hot as in summer.
I admit, this is my favorite season.
At the sight of these on the ground, I knew it was official, and my daily hunt for any signs of pre-winter browning was momentarily satiated!

Of course, in my autumn-hunting frenzy, I have hereby decided to make homemade tomato soup (can't remember the last time I actually did this...) and grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch.

I am seriously a freak when it comes to pretty leaves, getting to wear cute jackets, and the fact that it's now season appropriate to pull out my awesome black boots.
Interesting how my biggest fascination with cooler weather has to do with clothing.
My true colors have been revealed.

02 September, 2010

11 Months Old...

Camera? I know not of what you speak!

Oh, THAT camera!


Front door:
Front window:

Living room:
Dining room: