29 September, 2010

1st Birthday, in Pictures:

(Warning: This is a ridiculously long post.)

Birthday morning: "So big!" (This also doubles as "touchdown!")
Ava loved dancing around and being sung to!
"Happy Birthday" is her new favorite song, I'm pretty sure.
Since we are forgetful parents, her gifts sat until just before bedtime.
She wasn't so sure about taking off the paper...
it took a few minutes for her to get the hang of it.

A little help from daddy encouraged her to rip away!

I love the expressions in these...

It went from "what??" to "yay! I can knock it over!"

Then daddy put tissue paper on her head.

Her second gift was no problem. She had it unwrapped in about 2 minutes.

This one came with a cool red ball that she did not want to stop playing with.
She's pretty enamored with her new things, and we enjoyed spending a special birthday time with her!
The Birthday Party is on Saturday...
so stay tuned for another ridiculously long post. :)


  1. Happy birthday Ava~ those look like great presents, and I can tell your parents really enjoy your company. :)

  2. Oh, I do love her PJ's. Happy birthday to AVA! She is beautiful and you and Scott are doing an amazing job as her Parents. Chloe and I pray you will continue to raise her in the light of our Lord. Love you!