08 May, 2014

Lucy, Three!

We parents always decorate, at least a little. 

Good morning, Birthday Girl!!!

Lucy is all about hand-on, messy play. 
(Her mommy is trying to let her make more messes...)

She got sidewalk chalk paint, a bubble gun, a sparkly tutu, binoculars, a preschool workbook, and birthday money (used to buy a new doll bed and doll clothes).

As I'm sure you can imagine, these were incredible for my dance-loving, creative 3-year-old. 

My silly, sweet, creative girl loved having a birthday! 
We went to Pizza Ranch for supper a day early, and she was sung to by the girls' softball team who were doing Tip Night that evening. 
Lucy turned bright red and crawled onto my lap! She was happily overwhelmed by the attention!

The evening of her birthday, we had tacos while we watched Frozen.
We ended her birthday with chocolate cake! The candles were blown out faster than I can blink. I think it was a most anticipated moment!!

 Lucy is a friend to all, but naturally shy. It is a huge step out of her comfort zone to talk to strangers. She pushes Ava to be more daring and explorative, and Ava encourages her to obey boundaries, and do "big girl" things such as drinking from a lidless cup or emptying the dishwasher.

She is so sweet with Olivia, but definitely can be bossy big sister. If Olivia does something that Lucy disapproves of, she will grab Olivia's heels and pull her away from a situation. I can always count on Lucy protecting Olivia, but it will always make Olivia angry. :-)

Lucy recently had her first ride on an escalator, and also got her first big bike.

She knows most of the alphabet, can count to 20, name most shapes and colors, and is learning her numbers. This fall she will be ready to jump into full preschool work.

She says "restaining" wall, "sank you", and is only just starting to say a proper "L" sound. (It's still usually replaced with a "w" sound.) 

I love my May Day baby! She lights up our home with her singing and silly antics, and keeps us on her toes with adventurous, and naughty, decisions. 

Happy Birthday, my darling Lu-Lu!