18 January, 2013


 So, I do this thing after Christmas.
I take down all the festive decorations, and think "let's go soft and wintery". 
And that lasts for 2 weeks tops before I'm ready for a pop of color and some bright accents.

I keep finding pictures of things that inspire my color tastes.
Right now I'm really loving combinations of orange, green, and teal.
Like this pillow:
 But, my budget doesn't allow for me to go buy orange curtains that I may not love forever (and I love, love my muslin curtains already). 
So, I'm bringing in little bright spots.
You know what my favorite thing about all this is?
My husband likes it, too!

Proverbs 3:18 blackboard:
The full verse reads: "Wisdom is a tree of life for those who take firm hold of it. Those who cling to it are blessed."

Our family photos have been updated, and I thought it was time to update the "Love is Patient" and "Love is Kind quotes on the ends.
 Bright and pretty!

Another new verse, and some splashes of orange on the walls shelves opposite my kitchen.
(That grey sconce is going to be white just as soon as it's warm enough to paint...)

And finally, a bright bouquet on the side table in the living room.

Just a few touches to keep winter blues at bay! 
Do you have any current color favorites?

11 January, 2013

Snow Day

 All bundled up and ready to go!
My little pink and purple girls.
I really, really wish I'd been bundled up to go too.
(Maybe we'll still have snow when my ankle is healed?)

Ava and Lucy have the best Daddy to take them out in the snow.

It was a huge hit.
Maybe even highlight of the month.

Lucy loved the snow.
Loved it.
Really, really, really loved the snow.

Ava carried her snowball around the whole time.
It had me laughing, how much she loved that snowball.

See why this Daddy is awesome? 
He makes tracks for little legs to walk through the snow.
That had me giggling, too.
It was a pretty funny train.

Then it was time to come inside.
Remember how Lucy really, really, really loved the snow?
Yeah-this was her opinion of coming in. 

Fortunately for Miss Lucy, there will be more snow days.

10 January, 2013


 Four roses for four years
Four years ago
my daddy walked me down an aisle,
and gave me away.
 When he gave me away, he gave Scott my purity ring that I had worn for 4 years.
It was an emotional moment-the man that had protected and guarded me for 19 years was giving those rights to another.
(I still tear up, thinking about it.)
 Our fathers spoke blessings over us before we were pronounced Man and Wife.
I am ever grateful for our fathers. They are amazing men.

I love how pleased Scott looks as I sign our license!

We kept our very first kiss for our wedding day.
Which meant that Wedding Day was Kissing Day!

We were surrounded by decades of faithfulness.
These parents showed us what faithful, selfless, giving marriage should be.
They are still showing us; I am beyond thankful for our Fathers and Mothers!

It's interesting walking into marriage.
Questions we talked about, such as
"Where do we see ourselves in five years?"
"What do you think our kids will be like?"
are things that by God's grace we are seeing answered.

Four short years
with Baby #3 on the way
and sorrow and triumph under our belts
(we've learned quickly the In Sickness and In Health bit)
I feel as though we are still just getting started.
And I am thankful for how far we have come.
Life is richer, fuller, better, more wonderful because of the man I married.
I love Scott more than I have words for-he completes me.

Our wedding verse:
"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3
We are still speaking this truth, year after year.

03 January, 2013

My View

For my bloggy friends not on Facebook, here is why the above is my view.

While we were in Lincoln with family, I was walking down the driveway and a fresh coat of snow on a glaze of ice proved my downfall.

I have a hairline fracture in one of my leg bones, at the base in my ankle. 

The boot is my buddy, and I'm scheduled for x-rays in 2 weeks to see how things are healing.

I'm so thankful it wasn't worse.
So thankful for a husband who has been doing laundry, cooking meals, cleaning, and helping me, all after spending a day at work.
Thankful for little girls who are helpful, kind to each other, and patient with Mommy being super slow right now.

I can walk in the boot, but my ankle does ache and give me pause.
So right now, I'm learning to be patient and slow down and relax and not overthink life.
I don't like being slow, and less capable.
But God is teaching my patience anyway. :-)

A Wonderful Christmas-time

 We had a lovely Christmas time!
So many places, and yet so few pictures.
I'm grateful to say that I don't always get a photo because I'm enjoying the moment.

Here are some wonderful moments that did make it to the camera!


Sharing new things:

One of Lucy's beloved "Boppa"s:

All her friends:

Trying out Aunt Stef's new keyboard:

Four silly Aunts:

Two tutus! (And the cheese!)

 Uncle Titus, and little Cousin Ryan:
 Hello, cute baby face! He loves his hands.

 Grampa and Gramma with their Littles:

Another favorite new toy:

Fancy gal in her best duds:
I hope you all enjoyed being with your loved ones,
that you remembered to thank Jesus for being human and taking all our sin to make us holy,
and that you tell all who listen how much God loves them.

And Happy 2013!