10 January, 2013


 Four roses for four years
Four years ago
my daddy walked me down an aisle,
and gave me away.
 When he gave me away, he gave Scott my purity ring that I had worn for 4 years.
It was an emotional moment-the man that had protected and guarded me for 19 years was giving those rights to another.
(I still tear up, thinking about it.)
 Our fathers spoke blessings over us before we were pronounced Man and Wife.
I am ever grateful for our fathers. They are amazing men.

I love how pleased Scott looks as I sign our license!

We kept our very first kiss for our wedding day.
Which meant that Wedding Day was Kissing Day!

We were surrounded by decades of faithfulness.
These parents showed us what faithful, selfless, giving marriage should be.
They are still showing us; I am beyond thankful for our Fathers and Mothers!

It's interesting walking into marriage.
Questions we talked about, such as
"Where do we see ourselves in five years?"
"What do you think our kids will be like?"
are things that by God's grace we are seeing answered.

Four short years
with Baby #3 on the way
and sorrow and triumph under our belts
(we've learned quickly the In Sickness and In Health bit)
I feel as though we are still just getting started.
And I am thankful for how far we have come.
Life is richer, fuller, better, more wonderful because of the man I married.
I love Scott more than I have words for-he completes me.

Our wedding verse:
"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3
We are still speaking this truth, year after year.


  1. Hannah, this is such a sweet post! I loved seeing the pictures since we couldn't be at your wedding. :) Can't believe it was 4 years ago already... time flies.

    Happy 4th Anniversary to you and Scott!

  2. Happy anniversary! :) I remember that kiss ... very eager. ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary, Scott and Hannah! *smile* Your example and testimony have been SUCH an encouragement + inspiration to me! May you have a wonderful 4th year together...and I'm sooo excited to meet your third 'lil one, Lord willing. :)

    {p.s.} Yes, like Annie, it was so fun to see the pictures from your wedding. Hannah, inside and out, you are simply radiantly beautiful. :)

  4. That was a beautiful wedding. Your testimony about waiting for Gods best and Gods timing is so encouraging.

  5. Oh, how much we wanted to witness this union. Alas, we are still witnessing it at a distance! Happy belated anniversary!
    luv, ken (& LuAnn)