11 January, 2013

Snow Day

 All bundled up and ready to go!
My little pink and purple girls.
I really, really wish I'd been bundled up to go too.
(Maybe we'll still have snow when my ankle is healed?)

Ava and Lucy have the best Daddy to take them out in the snow.

It was a huge hit.
Maybe even highlight of the month.

Lucy loved the snow.
Loved it.
Really, really, really loved the snow.

Ava carried her snowball around the whole time.
It had me laughing, how much she loved that snowball.

See why this Daddy is awesome? 
He makes tracks for little legs to walk through the snow.
That had me giggling, too.
It was a pretty funny train.

Then it was time to come inside.
Remember how Lucy really, really, really loved the snow?
Yeah-this was her opinion of coming in. 

Fortunately for Miss Lucy, there will be more snow days.

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  1. Such a sweet post. =) And the 4th picture of Lucy made me smile...I love her happy, joyful grin that seems to spread to all around her. =)