18 January, 2013


 So, I do this thing after Christmas.
I take down all the festive decorations, and think "let's go soft and wintery". 
And that lasts for 2 weeks tops before I'm ready for a pop of color and some bright accents.

I keep finding pictures of things that inspire my color tastes.
Right now I'm really loving combinations of orange, green, and teal.
Like this pillow:
 But, my budget doesn't allow for me to go buy orange curtains that I may not love forever (and I love, love my muslin curtains already). 
So, I'm bringing in little bright spots.
You know what my favorite thing about all this is?
My husband likes it, too!

Proverbs 3:18 blackboard:
The full verse reads: "Wisdom is a tree of life for those who take firm hold of it. Those who cling to it are blessed."

Our family photos have been updated, and I thought it was time to update the "Love is Patient" and "Love is Kind quotes on the ends.
 Bright and pretty!

Another new verse, and some splashes of orange on the walls shelves opposite my kitchen.
(That grey sconce is going to be white just as soon as it's warm enough to paint...)

And finally, a bright bouquet on the side table in the living room.

Just a few touches to keep winter blues at bay! 
Do you have any current color favorites?


  1. Last summer some good friends made me quilt in the colors blue, green, and brown. Then for Christmas, my mother upgraded an old ugly quilt that was REALLY comfy into a quilt that is now pink, blue, and brown. So I guess my colors are blue and brown with accents of pink and green. :) The newest things is decorating with owls. And happily, enough, they are all the right colors as well!

  2. Oh my goodness Hannah, you make everything look so easy! :)
    I love it all!

  3. All of the cheery, creative touches are sooo beautiful, Hannah! Thanks for sharing your recent projects with us. =) Blessings!