20 December, 2011

Life Moves Quickly

These are in my laundry room and I LOVE THEM!

Especially when I hang out with these cuties all week:

Ava is one of those darlings who, when very quiet and secretive, is usually found doing this:

Do you remember, as a child, what it was like to get to be on your parents' bed? There was something safe, cozy, special about it for me. It's nothing less for my daughters. Ava loves being "up on a bed" with Lucy!

And look what Miss Lucy is doing! She loves cereal! In fact, she cried when it was gone this morning. Silly girl!

12 December, 2011

The Way to Her Heart

is through a basket of toys just for her to empty and chew on!

What She Wore

Miss Ava has fantastic personal style!
Then it got even better:
(She was playing in the mirror, her favorite!)

09 December, 2011

Sick Day

Ava threw up for real. Last night. All over me.
Poor kiddo.
Then she ran a fever.
So this morning was spent doing a lot of this while watching a lot of Thomas:
Thankfully she was feeling well enough later in the day and pulled out some funny antics for me.
Bear was doing a good job smiling for mommy.
And in other news, Miss Lucy is really, really mobile.
While she's been rolling over for about 3 months now, she figured out today that she can roll across the floor, scoot around, roll some more, and then grab that favorite toy to chew on.
And she really does want to touch everything.
Isn't she just too cute?!


Our first real tree! Yay!
It is a White Pine.
I love the long needles (okay, not the fact that my quite mobile baby could try eating them or that it's impossible to keep them all vacuumed, but it is beautiful) and the real-ness of it.

I raided Target clearance last year after Christmas, and am pleased with the red and silver decorations.

I'm pretty sure I've dreamed of this tree forever.
I remember one year being sternly told that I could leave or be quiet, because I was so bossy about the tree that no one else was having any fun.
So let me say, it is a blast getting to decorate a tree however I want and having a sweet Hubby who loves it!
And wouldn't you know, miss backward-in-her-walker Lucy decided she could go forward simply to pull the ribbon partway off and chew on it.
I seriously love that little girl.

01 December, 2011

Seven Months Old

It's hard to tell how big Miss Lucy is compared to bear. He just can't seem to stay upright!

Sinks and Greenery

I have porcelain sinks.
They look disgusting really fast.
See? I think the weird gray stain is grape juice.
Baking soda and a scouring later:
Much better!

I know this will come as a shock, but I changed up the decor. *fake loud gasp*
I wanted greenery.
We have 3 giant evergreen bushes.
I'm really good at breaking off branches.
I love the result.

(sorry for the blurry pictures)

Remember the cranberry garland? So pretty but rather sparse.

I just happened to have a big branch in my yard, all cleaned up, that just didn't work elsewhere. Did I mention I have greenery?

Well, I put a few things together,

tied it up with twine,

tied on the berries,

and hung it up with some lights going through it.
It's cute.
I like it.