01 December, 2011

Sinks and Greenery

I have porcelain sinks.
They look disgusting really fast.
See? I think the weird gray stain is grape juice.
Baking soda and a scouring later:
Much better!

I know this will come as a shock, but I changed up the decor. *fake loud gasp*
I wanted greenery.
We have 3 giant evergreen bushes.
I'm really good at breaking off branches.
I love the result.

(sorry for the blurry pictures)

Remember the cranberry garland? So pretty but rather sparse.

I just happened to have a big branch in my yard, all cleaned up, that just didn't work elsewhere. Did I mention I have greenery?

Well, I put a few things together,

tied it up with twine,

tied on the berries,

and hung it up with some lights going through it.
It's cute.
I like it.

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  1. Love all your Christmas decor! We haven't even started yet here...too much else going on, I guess. We're looking forward to decorating this weekend though. =)