29 November, 2011

Still Here

Well, Hello!
The last two weeks just flew by. Thanksgiving was enjoyed with our family and friends. I used to wonder what was so great about being an adult during Holidays. You had to cook, clean, and make polite conversation. As a child I considered family dinners somewhat miraculous. I played, and then there was food! This year I had so much fun joining my mom in the final touches of a Thanksgiving meal. She did most of the work, but I still enjoyed those last bits of preparation.

I feel as though God is teaching us more and more about His sufficient grace.
You see, just two weeks after Scott broke his arm we were traveling for two weddings and our truck broke down. We were less than half an hour away from my grandparents, and they took us in and let us use their van to get to a wedding the next morning while our truck was repaired. (We are officially glad to have AAA who sent a tow.) We enjoyed two nights with them and a day with Scott's family, so really it was a bonus to our trip. Different then planned, but no reason for complaint.
Then our washer and dryer broke. We saw it coming, and pretty much drained every bit of life out of the old machines. We are thankful they lasted so long, a year and a half for us and came with the house! Scott gets discounts through work, so again, we are thankful for new machines ordered and coming next week.
Life is entirely in one's perspective.
I stress. I fret. I complain. And then it all comes back to Him, to the One who cares and holds and comforts and provides.
I have this posted where I can read it often: "Every time fear freezes and worry writhes, every time I surrender to stress, aren't I advertising the unreliability of God?...But if I'm grateful to the Bridge Builder for the crossing of a million strong bridges, thankful for a million faithful moments, my life speaks my beliefs and I trust Him again." [Ann Voskamp]
Thanksgiving was truly about giving thanks this year.

Christmas is one month away, and I love coming to December (or maybe a couple days before...) and decorating for Christmas. Seriously, I decorate early as possible for holidays. I love the festivity!
I had to take pictures, although it will probably change (I know myself well...) and we haven't put up our big tree yet.
So come in! Here is what greets you as you walk in the door:

The entryway:
(I decorate with a mix of country, vintage and modern. Kind of like my whole house.)

Left of the door:

This angel was Ava's first ornament, made from a vintage handkerchief. It's just darling.

This art print came from HERE.

I like mixing glitter and silver in with cranberries and pinecones. And white. I love white.

side table:

back corner in the living room:

More glitter with cranberry:

Joy art found HERE:

Then the dining area:
(we close off the unheated sunroom most of winter, so our table comes further inside.)

We do have our little artificial tree up downstairs. Ava LOVES it! It has colored lights and a lot of fun to look at ornaments. I'll have my fancy tree, and a tree that Ava can enjoy. (I'm one of those moms right now I think...)

Let me leave you with this:
Let them praise the name of the LORD,
For His name alone is exalted;
His glory is above the earth and heaven.
{Psalm 148:13}

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  1. Oooooh...thanks for sharing the link for the "He shall be called" print...I think I'll print one off. =)