25 February, 2010

Time Flies...

My Cutie Patootie is just about 5 months old. Unbelievable. It seems like we were just trying to absorb the reality of having a child, and here she is, full of so much joy and blessing that our cup is overflowing with the goodness and mercy of God!

In other news, we are seriously house hunting. It is so easy to get discouraged, but at the same time we realize that our dream of owning a home is attainable if we are content to wait on the Lord's timing in bringing that perfect place to us. It is so nice to drive by a house, and say, "We could call this home". But yes, we realize that there is a Plan so beyond our understanding, and full of abundant blessing...if we are content to wait on the Lord. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we're taking the initiative and trusting God with the results.

In the meantime, I'm decluttering, sticking to my daily exercise routine, trying to eat well and avoid excess sugar (there will be a post in 3 weeks about how that all pans out...), and trying to keep my home a relaxing dwelling for us. Did I mention that being a mom is on my list of favorite things? It is amazing. I couldn't ask for anything better!

22 February, 2010

Catching the Little Foxes

I would apologize for offending anyone...but I can't apologize for truly believing something.

Last night, I felt like I was in a slump. I felt irritated at my husband, stressed by my daughter's fussing, and it sort of fluctuated in nature...one minute I'd feel all happy and enjoying talking to Hubs, and the next my brain would find something to nitpick about him.

Highlight: Babes fell asleep in her sling while I was holding her. Just cuddled right up and zonked out. She's never done that before, and my heart was a huge puddle, let me tell you. I just melted over that one.

Okay, back on topic.

Bedtime was fast approaching, and I was snippy. Like I told my Darling, "I just want to start a fight, and I don't know why, because really, I don't ever want to fight with you!" There wasn't any reason to disagree, I just kept being rude, snotty, and he was so confused, poor man.

Than it hit me like an elephant on a freight train: Satan wanted to divide my heart, and steal the joy I could have! I told Scott this, and he agreed. I immediately gave up my attitude to Christ, and we had a lovely conversation after that, and a sweet prayer time before bed.

Here's my point: Don't let Satan be divisive in your marriage. God has given you your spouse for love and encouragement. NOT as a scratching post! Oh yes-discuss things, be a sounding board, have times where you cry together-but don't let anything divide you!

"Catch us the little foxes, the foxes that spoil the vines..." Song of Solomon 2:15

21 February, 2010

Poor Babes...

The teething process is beginning.

I think we will all need some grace here...since Squeaky wants mom and that's all. Pray that my arms don't fall off, and that she will take naps.

Otherwise, I can't complain. She sleeps through the night like an angel still, and has the sweetest self you can imagine. Now, if only we could get her to like other people half as well as she likes dad and mom...we would be set.

I adore her sweet darling self, even when I am at my wit's end trying to soothe her. And to think, "teething" can last months. But then again, that is why God gives us children. To further refine us, to teach us more about love and patience, and to help us demonstrate just a fraction of His infinite grace. At the end of myself, I say, "thank you, Father". Because without God, I am nothing. It always comes back to Him.

17 February, 2010

So Much Cuteness!

Now tell me, how would you caption this photo?

16 February, 2010

DIY Day!

I'm linking up...

The fabulous Couch Renovation is on Kimba's site.

Check it out!

Kimba's DIY Day is so fun!


I am doing a 5 week sugar fast.


Let me put it this way: I love sugar.

However, I've been feeling a conviction to exercise better self-control. I am using the Slim in 6 program, and I have 5 weeks left. So, while I'm completing my exercise routine, I will be abstaining from sugar. My motivation is here:

"I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified." 1 Corinthians 9:27

I don't want to take it out of context, but I feel like Paul was exhorting us to use self-control. How can I tell others to be self controlled if I cannot exercise this myself?

15 February, 2010

Valentine's Day, Part Two

A candle-lit dinner, waltzing in the living room, kisses and sweet nothings whispered...it was an amazing evening.

I got him a bear, whom he promptly named Quincy and declared his new desk buddy at work.
These truffles are divine, and the card would make you nauseous.

He came home with a long-stemmed red rose-the most perfect rose I've ever seen-and a card that made me cry and would make you throw up. It was that mushy.
Just to give you an idea of how our brains think, we both used the phrase, "My One and Only" in our cards...without knowing what the other had written. That's true romance for you!

While Scott was out delivering Singing Valentines, I prepared a romantic evening for the two of us. He loves when I curl my hair. "Softly around your face", is the phrase he uses as he gazes into my eyes and strokes my cheek. (Sorry, too much mush?)

Here's before, pre-hairdo and makeup. I love spending time doing my hair and makeup in a way that I know Scott loves.

And, post dolling up. He liked. :)

Our candlelight dinner. I was so absorbed in the romantic evening we spent, that I didn't take any pictures of us. My hubby put on his tux, I wore a black dress and heels, and Ava took a wonderful nap. We took advantage of our time together and thoroughly enjoyed it!

One of the things we always talked about doing was to dress up and waltz around our living room. We hadn't done that yet, and I was really wanting to! So guess what! Scott put on a record (yes, real vinyl, folks!) and we waltzed. And then we just swayed, enjoying the music, the love in each other's eyes, and the fact that we are more in love every day.

"When I fall in love, it will be forever...when I give my heart, it will be completely."

13 February, 2010

Valentine's, Part One

I've been decorating for Valentine's Day. Why do I like this day so much? I think it is because it is my romantic opportunity to make time to show my husband just how amazing I think he is.

So here's my little "here and there" decorations.

Can you see the cookie cutters? After making 100+ cookies for church, I decided to use the cutters for cute decorating.

These hearts were made with leftover material from Ava's stocking. I like shelves for hanging seasonally appropriate items. :)

This is hanging in the doorway above the little hall that leads to bedrooms. The key is an old one from a jewelry box, and inspired the saying on the heart.
"You have the key to my heart"

This is one of our book cases. The Willow Tree figurine was an anniversary gift...and is my favorite decorating piece of all.

And then there were goodies! So many goodies!
I wanted to use my ginormous cookie cutter...so I did! They turned out to be 7" cookies. That's a lot of cookie. And so delicious!

Wrap in plastic wrap, and then tissue paper with a curly tie. Cute Valentine to give to couples as a yummy treat! (And it saves you from eating even more cookie.) I put a tag on with a cute "love" saying on it.

And the yummiest part of all:
White Chocolate with Strawberry Cheesecake.
Oh, the yummy goodness. Fresh strawberries and organic sugar, turned into fruity topping...white chocolate glaze...all atop a cheesecake with white chocolate in it...
It will make your taste buds sing!!!


My big girl loves to sit up. Her Boppy facilitates this well. So, I let her enjoy and I work around the room, keeping an eye on her and enjoying her cheerful company.

I laughed when I realized what the view was from behind the loveseat...

"Hi, Ava!"

She got all excited...and my heart melted a little. Okay, so I was a pile of mush with that grin directed at me. Oh, have I mentioned that she loves teddy bears??? Loves them.

12 February, 2010

Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

I want to link up all you married folks out there to this amazing site I found. Talk about ideas for romancing your spouse year round! This especially is helpful to me, as I seem to find cobwebs when I try to think of creative ways to bless my husband. Enjoy!

Visit here and be blessed!

Happy Valentine's Day!

"God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 NIV

10 February, 2010

"Hello, my Baby, Hello, my Darlin'..."

I just had to get some pictures. We are both in pink, and she is my sweetest baby. *wink* Enjoy.

I said, "smile!" She winced. Nice.

I said, "smile!", and she stared. Oh, how I love those big blue eyes...

Her huge smile...the way she tries to eat her entire fist...
Squeaky is #2 in my book! (Her Daddy is #1.)

08 February, 2010

In Christ Alone

Introspective: : a reflective looking inward : an examination of one's own thoughts and feelings. That seems to sum up my days lately.

I wish I could claim perfection. Alas, I am human. I am a sinner; I err. God is perfection; He is holy, He is righteous. I am sin, I am unclean, and yet He has ransomed me.

The more I try to comprehend the magnitude of God, of the sacrifice of Jesus' death, the more I am moved to tears. I simply cannot understand God. And yet I love Him. I am devoted to Him.

I stand by grace alone. In myself, I see the imperfections. The striving to a goal I could never hope to attain, because I will never find perfection in human purpose. God looks at the heart; I believe He sees through the pride, the lies, the conceit, the vanity, the self-incrimination, the criticism, the burning hate of sin, and He loves me. It is too much for me to understand. But this I know:

Because of Jesus Christ, and God the Father, and the Holy Spirit,
I have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
I have assurance of my destiny.
I have unlimited access to my Father God.
I have Jesus as my Intercessor, and the Holy Spirit as my Guide.
I have the ability to forgive, and be forgiven.
I have a quiet rest for my soul that can never be removed.
I have LOVE.

How often I am selfish. I see how I am not good enough, how I always fall short. I see the blemishes, the extra pounds, the lack of discipline, the minute failures. God looks at all those things, and speaks to my heart. I receive blessing and acceptance, and the knowledge that God makes up the distance I fail. He has created me, and in His image I am beautiful. He gives me self-control, and the ability to make wise choices. He gives forgiveness for any multitude of sins I commit.

I stand on grace alone.

Beloved of God, remember these things for yourself. He is your Creator, Redeemer, Healer and Father. He will never leave you, and will never forsake you.

Come, stand on grace alone.

03 February, 2010

Ava, 4 Months and Counting

I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of Squeaky in her uber-cute overhauls. Here is the natural progression of events:

She wasn't thrilled, but wasn't too cranky about it. Love how she looks in denim!

Little fuss=minor detail.

Perky mommy managed to get a very normal expression. Cute, even though it's not a smile.

Oh, yes. The huge yawn. Yawns mean the crankies are near.

And, sure enough, Squeaky decided enough was enough.

01 February, 2010

A visit from Uncle Lolo

Okay, so he's not really her uncle. And his name isn't Lolo. But that's beside the point.

The point is that he visited from his home in the land of Far, Far Away, and it was fun. And Uncle Lolo took some awesome shots of my Squeaker. Wanna see? Okay!

Apparently Uncle Lolo wasn't who she wanted to see when she woke up. Notice the wary eyeballing going on. This was typical for when Squeaky looked at Uncle Lolo.

This is what happens when you pout. You will get your picture taken. Lucky girl! No one wants me to pout for the camera...

Yes, her eyes are often this big. And oh, so blue.

Bathtime is a little bit of heaven on earth.

This is the ultimate doll. This doll is the creme de la creme.

As you can tell, dolly is also an excellent conversationalist.

One of my favorites. This is my beautiful girl! It's unbelievable how blessed we are!!!

Uncle Lolo...we're not so sure about him yet.

Bye, bye, Uncle Lolo. Thanks for the visit and the awesome pictures!