15 February, 2010

Valentine's Day, Part Two

A candle-lit dinner, waltzing in the living room, kisses and sweet nothings whispered...it was an amazing evening.

I got him a bear, whom he promptly named Quincy and declared his new desk buddy at work.
These truffles are divine, and the card would make you nauseous.

He came home with a long-stemmed red rose-the most perfect rose I've ever seen-and a card that made me cry and would make you throw up. It was that mushy.
Just to give you an idea of how our brains think, we both used the phrase, "My One and Only" in our cards...without knowing what the other had written. That's true romance for you!

While Scott was out delivering Singing Valentines, I prepared a romantic evening for the two of us. He loves when I curl my hair. "Softly around your face", is the phrase he uses as he gazes into my eyes and strokes my cheek. (Sorry, too much mush?)

Here's before, pre-hairdo and makeup. I love spending time doing my hair and makeup in a way that I know Scott loves.

And, post dolling up. He liked. :)

Our candlelight dinner. I was so absorbed in the romantic evening we spent, that I didn't take any pictures of us. My hubby put on his tux, I wore a black dress and heels, and Ava took a wonderful nap. We took advantage of our time together and thoroughly enjoyed it!

One of the things we always talked about doing was to dress up and waltz around our living room. We hadn't done that yet, and I was really wanting to! So guess what! Scott put on a record (yes, real vinyl, folks!) and we waltzed. And then we just swayed, enjoying the music, the love in each other's eyes, and the fact that we are more in love every day.

"When I fall in love, it will be forever...when I give my heart, it will be completely."

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