23 February, 2016


Hey, everyone! If you're still following me, and you would like to catch up on what's new, I'm now blogging over at This Blissful Chaos.

Thanks for your loyal readership; I hope you also enjoy the new place!


02 June, 2015


Okay, here's the rundown from April and May's highlights. :) 

All the cousins from Easter Sunday. 
Ryan and Olivia,
Ava, Katie, Lucy.
They love each other, and are getting to grow up buddies. 
What a blessing!

Baby #5 is on the way!!!
They are due when Baby #2 was. 
It's rather sweet to have heaven baby share timing with this baby. :)

Olivia in pigtails. 
And playing dress up.
Cuteness overload!

Ava lost her first tooth!

All 3 girls playing dress up together. 
They love being princesses!

Lucy reading a book to Olivia and Seeley. 
We've had the privilege of watching this little boy for 2 school years (his mom is a teacher).
I've reached the point where it is time to be done with daycare, and so it's been bittersweet to be done caring for Seeley every day.

My brother graduated with his Bachelor's, and my sister with a one-year Bible degree.
I'm so proud of them, and it was such an honor to be there for their special day!

Mother's Day! 
My sweetest little loves ever!

Happy summer, everyone!

21 March, 2015

Olivia, Two!

 Miss Olivia is two. 

 This little munchin, 
my roly-poly babycakes.

Now, she is my spunky, goofy, loving, stubborn, determined
little two year old.

It was a busy day of travel, so we made breakfast our special time. 

So fun to have a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse and princesses.
She calls them "pi-pess-es".

The way Olivia chatters, and asks, and bosses....
her verbal skills amaze me.

She still loves to cuddle, and can be found quietly playing with her little dolls.
However, if you cross her, she will shout, scream no, and hit.
Yup, she's a little sinner.

Every time we sit and read the Bible, she will point to it and squeal, "Jesus!". 
What a blessing! 
Olivia likes to sing songs about everything, and will sing anywhere, anytime!

We are so blessed by this little girl, and love her forever.

Happy Birthday, Livi.

03 February, 2015

Winter Days

 It's not that I don't like snow.
I probably like snow.
I don't love snow, but I don't hate it.
"Apathetic", is probably the correct word here.
Really, I could take it or leave it.
The reason I'm okay with snow is due entirely to the reaction of my favorite littles.
They love snow.

There has been a bit of difference between our 2 big snowfalls this year.

Snow #1 left us with lots to scoop, but it wasn't horribly cold or blustery. 
It was almost pleasant.

It was perfect for little girls to use their snow shovels and help clear the driveway.

Even Olivia got in on the action!

Big Snow #2, now that was a different story!
The girls were out sledding in the windy bluster, before the temperatures dropped into the single digits or lower.

To their credit, they still loved the snow!

To my credit, I encourage them to be thankful for the snow, because God sends all things in their season,
and for that, I am very thankful.

Happy Winter!

13 December, 2014

Family Pictures

Our family pictures this year are some of my favorites.
Thanks to Sadie, owner of Manifold Grace Photography, for capturing our personalities, quirks, and smiles! 
Olivia did not want to smile at all, and Sadie was so patient and worked to get amazing family shots.
She let the girls play and be silly, and had the quickness to capture those brief moments that all three girls would cooperate at the same time! 

Please note, that I have added new photos of the girls off to the side --->
that are their actual smiles. :) 

I can not recommend Sadie highly enough!

Many blessings to your family, as well!