21 November, 2013

Gingerbread Cookies

 Ava and I did something new and special together.

She grabbed her step stool, I rolled, and she cut.

We both ate little scraps. Who doesn't? It's cookie dough, and delicious dough at that!

I love the smell and fun of holiday baking!
We are already planning sugar cookies for the neighbors.

19 November, 2013

What They Wore

 Consider these facts:
1: I love clothes
2: I have three daughters
3: So far, two of my three daughters love clothes

So, in the natural course of our lives, striking and dramatic clothing combinations are worn.
I present to you some of my recent favorites:


Aren't they sweet? 

07 November, 2013

October Review

  Hello again! It has been busy around here, and blogging hasn't been strongly on my mind.
Thanks to social media, it's fairly easy to post the occasional photo on Facebook.
However, not all of my readers are Facebookers, and so I really am sorry for the lack of posts on here.

Okay, so here's a recap of October. (Did anyone else feel like that last month went really, really quickly?)

I introduced the girls to pumpkin smoothies. Big hit!
 Olivia learned to sit up all by herself, and had her first little pigtail. Although, she was really mad at me for pulling her hair. Poor baby...

Olivia has also figured out which toys are her favorite. 

Lucy is 2.5 years old. Her fashion sense expands every day, and she is now potty trained. Can I get a WOOT WOOT?! I really adore only having one in diapers right now.

Seriously, how fabulous is her smile?! I adore her little grins and giggles and coos. She is completely darling!

I took Ava shopping one day. Just look how grown up she is! 
(Sorry, this is a sub-quality phone picture.)

 All three. This day they all ended up in purple and teal. 
Actually, they frequently dress similarly without even trying.

AH, more cheese!

Scott has started taking the older girls out on breakfast dates. 
They adore their time with daddy, and are always asking when it's their turn for a date again.
I frequently hear them play-acting going on a date. Sometimes with daddy, and sometimes with each other. It's pretty cute, and I'm working on not hyperventilating over the thought of them actually being old enough to have a boyfriend. (Be still, my heart!) 
Anyway, these are great experiences for how a gentleman treats a lady!

By now I'm sure you realize that Babycakes is totally adored, right?

We finally finished the patio! Mr. Wonderful planned this well, and has laid it well. 
The drainage issues are resolved (we've had some rain to help test this), and the aesthetics really can't be beat! It's our new favorite spot to spend an evening.
So, with that, I'll leave you with a cozy fire to warm your brisk autumn day:

Next up: "Maybe she'll post in November, about November!"