27 March, 2012


"God whispers to us in our pleasures,
speaks in our conscience,
but shouts in our pains:
it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world."
-C.S. Lewis

(This was shared by my friend Elizabeth. I appreciated it very much and wanted to share it with you!)

23 March, 2012

Spring Inspired

My blackboard is one of my favorite decorations. The words on it reflect something that touched my heart in a special way. This quote is from a favorite hymn, and brings the tune and words to mind when I see it.
I am so excited, because my hard work last fall has paid off! Lovely daffodils and hyacinths are blooming in my front garden-they are so lovely!
Spring is definitely in my top 4 favorite seasons. (wink)
I love the smell of the earth warming,
flowers blooming,
trees budding,
green grass,
and the freshness of the air.
It's lovely!

22 March, 2012

March in a Nutshell

Ava is often found reading. I love, love, love it!
Lucy loves all things squeezeable and cuddly. Yes, that is Ava's beloved Mr. Sanders that Lucy has! Sometimes he is briefly loaned, and the immense stretch it is for Ava to share him is nothing short of remarkable. I can't help but praise her for such generosity.
I made freshly squeezed lemon-limeade. It was delicious!
Now I'm going to inundate you with cute adorableness. You're welcome.

The amazing daddy put Big Big Bear in the Johnny Jump-Up. Hilarity ensued-it was pretty awesome.
Happy Spring, dear ones!

Watercolor Painting

I even got in on it; such fun!
My little artist!

20 March, 2012

Taking a Stand

That's my big girl!
(Sorry about the blurry phone pictures. I take what I can get in those brilliant moments!)

15 March, 2012


All my frames have been black. It didn't look bad, it just slowly became the opposite of the casual, airy, light feeling I want in my home. The walls are a very warm, sandy color. I don't see them getting painted in the near future, so my goal is to accent in ways that bring light into the very warm space we have upstairs.
I painted the end tables and the wall shelves white, and then sat and stared at my wall of photos and debated whether or not I should paint all those frames white as well.
Finally I did, and I'm so glad!
(I ran out of paint, so eventually I will get my last 3 frames done upstairs and it will be perfect.)

Here is before:
And after:
And some other frames that aren't easy to include in one big photo but were also painted:

I love that I now see what is in the frames rather than the frames themselves. I love how the white glows in the dark evenings with the lamps on. It's much, much better. :-)

14 March, 2012


Sometimes I get tired.
Sometimes I don't want to focus or be organized or do what I need.
I start wishing for magical beings that would clean the house, make the food, wash the dishes, manage the laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away!) and make gorgeous new slipcovers for the throw pillows.
I want a garden where I can be lazy for just one hour.
Instead of resting, I fret.
Instead of putting my feet one step at a time, I get lost in the endless circle of tasks.
Instead of celebrating my children and enjoying them I stress about a less-than-perfect house.
(And I sigh over gorgeous pillows in other people's houses, then don't take time to create my own.)
It's not as if I don't need to take breaks.
I'm not saying I should always be perfect.
What I am saying is that I have to be careful whose standard I am living by.
Who am I trying to please?
I am thankful for my husband, who lets me vent, who redirects me, who gently loves me.
I am thankful for my little girls and all the opportunities I have to not just stop at "good" parenting, but to go above that into godly parenting.
I am thankful that Ava wants to know about God.
I am thankful for God, and His grace, and the room He gives us to not be perfect.
I am thankful for much, and that replaces the worries of little.

11 March, 2012

Hats and Things

Lucy has been exploring lately. I don't think it will be long until she gets her feet involved!

This one is for Aunt Esther. She made these very cute hats for the girls, and they are perfect for cool pre-spring days!
(Ava posed like this all on her own. How cute is she?)

09 March, 2012


Incredible weather, and happy children!
Remember Riley? He's the baby boy I take care of during the week. Isn't he adorable?!

This girl
took this chalk
and, after a brief demonstration, wrote this:
Love those little darlings!