22 December, 2013

Winter Wonderland Living

(Catchy heading, right? Sounds like something in a magazine, maybe.)

In tribute to those gorgeous pictures I drool over every season, here's my Christmas wreath: 
Lace bows on keys,
 Gift tags tucked in,
a whole slew of cranberry going on there...
I really like how it turned out this year!

Let's get the full festive effect with the Christmas tree!
We realized there wasn't anything but stress in getting a real tree this year. 
This little artificial tree graced our little apartment, and now it graces our house.
(And the girls love it!)

Now, my favorite spot in the whole house.
It's just inside our front door, and I see it every time I walk through the room.
I have ornaments and greenery a lot of places, but this place is simple, clean.
It feels nostalgic of the stable where Jesus was born, and reminds me of the simplicity of faith in Christ.

I'm so thankful Jesus came.


Okay, let's change gears.

Here's what occupies my time:

3 little astronauts, exploring the moon.
(Riley is the little boy I do daycare for...not the 4th child you never knew about.)

Our church Christmas dinner:

The 9-month-old

The first big snow:
 As a child, I loved waking up to snow!
Gazing out the window, drawing in the condensate on the glass.
It's pretty great how my girls enjoy the same things.


Our church Christmas program was great!
Ava and Lucy even got to dress up for the opening songs.
 (Their friend, Emma, is in the middle.)

Sometimes my kiddos just crack me up.
Since there isn't a way to really stage a baby photo, I guarantee this is Olivia at her best.

 This is what we affectionately know to be her mad face:

Oh, Lucy. You are so grown up.

Hey, look! Snow! 
It's edible, throw-able, and stomp-able.

Look who's mobile?
It's so cute, but I really don't get much done when she's awake.
 Between the dishwasher, presents, and all her big sister's little toys, it's a miracle she hasn't destroyed anything or injured herself.

Do you ever have mornings like this? 
Totally normal around here.

Stay warm, enjoy your comfy clothes, and have a very

Happy Christmas!