13 September, 2013

Stickin' our Toe in...

 This is our first year of official schooling.
It qualifies as preschool for both girls (Ava isn't yet 4), but they are learning a lot!

We read through Genesis 1, learning about Creation. I made coloring pages for each day; they were a big hit, and helped solidify learning what God made.

We worked through pattern review:

When Riley is here, he joins right in. 
Shapes, animals, colors, numbers, alphabet recognition. 
Good stuff.

Ava is learning to write letters.

(Sometimes she gets distracted and draws pies, ice cream, and makes "lists". Super cute, I know!)

(This picture looks sideways to me, but loaded the right direction. I'm not seeing an instant fix, so please be so kind as to tilt your head to the right. Thanks.)
These are uppercase letters (although Ava now can write through P),
 and these are lowercase letters.
 Then she signed her work:
She is also learning simple +1 addition and basic phonics. And the best part: When I teach Ava, Lucy wants to learn it too. 2/1 education, right? :-)
I love teaching my children. After all, I birthed them, I love them the very best that a momma can, I have invested in them; why would I separate education from that?
These are the best years. These are the short years. 
I don't want to waste them.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

06 September, 2013

Olivia Michelle--6 Months

 She turns into such a character when the camera comes out!

Wiggles everywhere!

"Can I have that, mom?!"

LOOK, just look at the rolls all over! AH! So much goodness.

These eyes:

So much beauty, so much sweetness.
And look at her right cheek. She has her Daddy's dimple. 
I'm telling you, it slays me.

August in Pictures (Part Two)

 In Which We All Went to Camp

First night of camp; very laid back and introductory.

Early morning cuddles in Mommy's bed. 

My family was there too!
 Uncle Ezra
 and Uncle Silas.
Afternoon relaxation.

 Camp is exhausting! Lucy just couldn't help but fall asleep.

Ava made a new friend: Bridget. They were pretty much stuck together all of camp. It was so sweet!

Scott and I, and our friend Andrew, taught the 6-12 year olds in one of their morning classes.
The guys did 3 days, and I did the last lesson, all on the Fruit of the Spirit.
 It was a great time, and wonderful to see kids responding and understanding what we were saying!

There were pony rides one day. What fun!

300 ears of sweet corn for dinner, anyone?

Ah, swimming. We musn't forget about the swimming!
Ava is scared of water but still wanted to swim every day. Definitely a good experience for her!

The Tea Party

In which all the ladies dress up and wear fancy hats and drink tea while visiting and listening to a devotional. It's always a lovely time, and the girls loved their butterfly hats!

 Lucy's favorite part was the treats.

Ava's favorite part was the tea. (She drank three cupfuls, I think!)

My beautiful sister, Mary.

The servers:
It's become a tradition that they wear pink aprons and wear hats as well.
Such a great group of gentlemen!

Ava lingered as long as she could. After all, how often does one get to dress up and drink as much tea as one could want?

A & B

 Ava's class, singing the songs and reciting the verses they learned:

And a few randoms:

Then we said goodbye, packed up, and headed home.

I think we'd love to be back next year. 
It almost feels like home.