05 May, 2013

Lucy Turns Two

 May 1st, 2013
Miss Lucy had a fever, and was not feeling so well.
After nap her fever had broken, so we were able to do some simple birthday celebrations.

Pizza Ranch (the favorite) for supper
Then birthday shopping.

Then home for cupcakes.
Vanilla with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, as picked out by the
Birthday Girl.

All 3 girls got in on the fun...

Lucy even picked out the pink spiral candles. 
Just like her quirky, sweet little self.

And a doctor play set for Miss Lucy.
She loves, loves being the doctor!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Lucy!
Your energy fills my day with activity, and your creativity never ceases to amaze me.
You love your big sister (and sometimes you love to annoy her),
and you are so sweet and kind with your little sister. 
Thank you for asking for cuddles when you haven't had enough.
I love the nights we cuddle before bed, and you sing every song with me.
You have the most hilarious sense of humor, and your grin lights up my day!
You are clever-you know colors, shapes, and you want to learn the letters and numbers.
You love tutus, and dancing, and wearing many skirts at once.
You don't like rules, so every time you choose to obey it is a big decision.
You want to do every single thing Ava does. I'm glad you two are so close in age, so you really can keep up with her and enjoy so many things together.
I love you, little girl who wants to be all grown up. 
Happy Birthday!