27 April, 2011

Purple Jammies

I love the sleepy eyes...fresh morning in our jammies
Read the book, mommy!

Or you could read it...you know every single animal on this page.

"Look at this, mom!"

Concentration...she gets very intense when it comes to books.

16 April, 2011


I bought a lot of that linen-type fabric for those chairs. Then I became addicted to the fabric-the feel, the look, the texture, the color...yummy.

I became so addicted that I put a ruffle on my kitchen valance.

And these brown suede pillows that looked great in our apartment but really didn't do it in our living room got new slipcovers.
These were ridiculously easy. I had them cut out and sewn in an hour.


Here they are on the couch. I have a happy little sigh every time I look at them.

Apparently I'm in "let's see how many random things I can come up with and do before this baby is born" mode.
It's fun...but really, I think my house has had enough of the cool burlap/linen/muslin fabric!

15 April, 2011

The Great Chair Experiment

In which two chairs get nasty tweed seats removed and are given lovely new seats instead.

Step 1: Due to pregnancy hormones kicking into overdrive, find out that the tweed covers on a set of chairs is horribly disgusting, and decide to re-cover them.

Step 2: After removing the fabric, and attempting to wash the foam padding (and then waiting 48 hours for them to dry, and finally putting them outside only to have them get rained on once they are finally dry), you will realize just how horrendous these seats are and buy completely new toppings for them.

Step 3: Borrow a friend's staple gun to put your new seats together. Discover that, while the gun works beautifully, the staples aren't quite heavy enough for what you want. Also discover that two major retailers don't carry staple guns, and have a light bulb moment when you remember another major store that does. Buy yourself a staple gun, complete with heavy-duty staples, to finish the seats that have now taken far more time than you ever dreamed.

Step 4: Reattach your new seats, and love that you just did an amazing project all by yourself, 9 months pregnant, and you have beautiful chairs to show for it.
(the actual fabric color is more accurate in the picture of the cushions.)
More details:
-I used scissors to trim my chair padding, and only after getting the fabric stapled on did I realize how the uneven foam showed through. Lesson learned: use an Exact-O knife, and trim to perfection!
-The hardest part of this entire project was pulling the old fabric off. The old staples were so rusted they mostly broke off or I just hammered them down in the wood because they wouldn't budge.
-I just got the new padding and fabric at Walmart. Gotta love the small towns. :)

Basket Queen

Sometimes it is the most ordinary things that are the most extraordinary:
Those much-loved/abused BK "hats"...
a wooden spoon that is "hiya"-ed about every time it's played with...
a basket that she fits in perfectly...
and the baby's toy that Ava is completely enamored with lately.
The combination bears a striking resemblance to royalty on a throne.
But let's not tell her.
She already thinks she rules the world she lives in, and this just might give her fuel for the fire.

12 April, 2011

Excuse me, Miss...

...it would appearthat your shoes...
are on the wrong hands!

07 April, 2011

Purse and Hat

Reusable bags from Target (daddy and mommy got all the fun samples inside) make fun Ava-sized purses.

Daddy showed us the very cool way to wear our pink baseball cap.
She has been wearing it all over today. I love it.

And just because I can:
Check out that cute little curled up kiddo.