16 April, 2011


I bought a lot of that linen-type fabric for those chairs. Then I became addicted to the fabric-the feel, the look, the texture, the color...yummy.

I became so addicted that I put a ruffle on my kitchen valance.

And these brown suede pillows that looked great in our apartment but really didn't do it in our living room got new slipcovers.
These were ridiculously easy. I had them cut out and sewn in an hour.


Here they are on the couch. I have a happy little sigh every time I look at them.

Apparently I'm in "let's see how many random things I can come up with and do before this baby is born" mode.
It's fun...but really, I think my house has had enough of the cool burlap/linen/muslin fabric!


  1. Ooo, I am wanting to make some slip covers for some pillows we have that are in great shape (but their covers? Not so much!) Is this a pattern, or did you make it up? I am new to the sewing world:)

  2. The front squares were 19"x19", for 18" pillows with 1/2" seams. That made it easy to remember numbers, doing things in half inches. The backs were 19" wide and 12" tall. I put a 1/4" hem on the overlaps, and again, a half inch seam all the way around. Since the pillows have been smashed and squashed the last couple years, they are a bit small for the covers, but I can always get plump new pillows and know the covers will fit well. The key is to measure, measure, measure, and mark before cutting anything! :)

  3. Thanks! As soon as I settle on which machine to buy, this just may be my 1st project:)