21 March, 2013


 I love this. Completely unstaged, just loving each other.

Sharing Thomas with little sister...

Talking to little sister...Olivia loves this...

The girls pick out their outfits every morning.
I love what they come up with!

Love life with 3 girls!

Life, Recently

 Happy Spring!
(Ava is all about dressing the part.)

We still have plenty of snow and may be getting more.
Let me say, I am ready for warm weather!

These girls keep it bright, busy and cheerful inside!

Olivia is becoming quite the social butterfly.
She loves being held and cuddled by all, but Mommy is her favorite. 

We have enjoyed visitors and lots of meals from church friends!
Aunt Lori got to visit:

 Laila  took time for the older girls during her visit-very appreciated!

Grandpa A. enjoying Olivia while we had supper out after my parents 25th anniversary party.

I have been thankful for friends who are learning photography and have asked to use Olivia as a subject.
The big girls got in on it too!

 And, keeping up to date, Olivia herself:

One week old

Two weeks old

08 March, 2013

Olivia Michelle

Baby is here, and she is wonderful!
On March 6th, I woke up at 4am with contractions ever 10-20 minutes. 
As the day went on they stayed consistent enough to know that I was in labor.
By 3pm things were getting intense enough that I was ready to head to the hospital.
and here I am still on the easy end of things...
When we got to the hospital at 3:30, I was only dilated to 3.5cm. 
That was a little discouraging, but away from home and not feeling like I wanted to get all.the.things done, I was able to relax and let labor do it's work.
By 5:30, contractions were noticeably more intense and I was dilated to 5cm.
That was also when my water broke! I was pretty excited, because with Ava and Lucy the doctor had broken my water.
Things progressed very quickly after that!
At 7:30 contractions changed again, becoming longer, closer together, and harder to easily breathe through.
It was taking a good bit of concentration to hold control. I figured I was in transition, and Dr. McCarville must have figured the same thing.
At 8:20 he decided to check my progress. The next thing I heard was, "Okay, it's time to push!"
I had a breather in between contractions, and when the next one came I started pushing. Then another crazy thing happened-I just kept pushing! One mighty push with some deep breaths caught here and there, and my sweet third daughter made her appearance!

There were tears and laughter from Scott and I as we met our new little girl.
So beautiful and perfect!
 She even has a dimple in her right cheek!
 And a ton of long, dark hair!

Olivia means "Peace"
Michelle means "Who is Like God"

Now we are home and settling in to Life with Baby. 

Much love from all of us to you!