05 March, 2012

Ten Months Old

(Sorry this is a bit late.)
It's hard to believe this little lady is already 10 months. It's gone so fast!
She has the biggest smile.
Her sense of humor is hilarious. The best way to make her laugh is to fake hiccup and startle her. It provokes the cutest giggles!
She will scoot, crawl, roll, and even climb to get where she wants to go.
Lucy eats anything big people do. Her favorites are anything cheese, yogurt, and most fruits.
(I have to coax the vegetables into her.)
See those top teeth? First two. (They caused a lot of drama.)
Miss Lucy says "dada", "mama", "ba" and loves to blow spit bubbles and raspberries.
She loves her big sister!
We love our sweet Miss Lucy!

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  1. I love her too. ;) So excited to watch her and Ava in a few nights! There's nothing like their cute little giggles. =)