15 March, 2012


All my frames have been black. It didn't look bad, it just slowly became the opposite of the casual, airy, light feeling I want in my home. The walls are a very warm, sandy color. I don't see them getting painted in the near future, so my goal is to accent in ways that bring light into the very warm space we have upstairs.
I painted the end tables and the wall shelves white, and then sat and stared at my wall of photos and debated whether or not I should paint all those frames white as well.
Finally I did, and I'm so glad!
(I ran out of paint, so eventually I will get my last 3 frames done upstairs and it will be perfect.)

Here is before:
And after:
And some other frames that aren't easy to include in one big photo but were also painted:

I love that I now see what is in the frames rather than the frames themselves. I love how the white glows in the dark evenings with the lamps on. It's much, much better. :-)

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