02 June, 2015


Okay, here's the rundown from April and May's highlights. :) 

All the cousins from Easter Sunday. 
Ryan and Olivia,
Ava, Katie, Lucy.
They love each other, and are getting to grow up buddies. 
What a blessing!

Baby #5 is on the way!!!
They are due when Baby #2 was. 
It's rather sweet to have heaven baby share timing with this baby. :)

Olivia in pigtails. 
And playing dress up.
Cuteness overload!

Ava lost her first tooth!

All 3 girls playing dress up together. 
They love being princesses!

Lucy reading a book to Olivia and Seeley. 
We've had the privilege of watching this little boy for 2 school years (his mom is a teacher).
I've reached the point where it is time to be done with daycare, and so it's been bittersweet to be done caring for Seeley every day.

My brother graduated with his Bachelor's, and my sister with a one-year Bible degree.
I'm so proud of them, and it was such an honor to be there for their special day!

Mother's Day! 
My sweetest little loves ever!

Happy summer, everyone!

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