21 February, 2010

Poor Babes...

The teething process is beginning.

I think we will all need some grace here...since Squeaky wants mom and that's all. Pray that my arms don't fall off, and that she will take naps.

Otherwise, I can't complain. She sleeps through the night like an angel still, and has the sweetest self you can imagine. Now, if only we could get her to like other people half as well as she likes dad and mom...we would be set.

I adore her sweet darling self, even when I am at my wit's end trying to soothe her. And to think, "teething" can last months. But then again, that is why God gives us children. To further refine us, to teach us more about love and patience, and to help us demonstrate just a fraction of His infinite grace. At the end of myself, I say, "thank you, Father". Because without God, I am nothing. It always comes back to Him.

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