13 February, 2010

Valentine's, Part One

I've been decorating for Valentine's Day. Why do I like this day so much? I think it is because it is my romantic opportunity to make time to show my husband just how amazing I think he is.

So here's my little "here and there" decorations.

Can you see the cookie cutters? After making 100+ cookies for church, I decided to use the cutters for cute decorating.

These hearts were made with leftover material from Ava's stocking. I like shelves for hanging seasonally appropriate items. :)

This is hanging in the doorway above the little hall that leads to bedrooms. The key is an old one from a jewelry box, and inspired the saying on the heart.
"You have the key to my heart"

This is one of our book cases. The Willow Tree figurine was an anniversary gift...and is my favorite decorating piece of all.

And then there were goodies! So many goodies!
I wanted to use my ginormous cookie cutter...so I did! They turned out to be 7" cookies. That's a lot of cookie. And so delicious!

Wrap in plastic wrap, and then tissue paper with a curly tie. Cute Valentine to give to couples as a yummy treat! (And it saves you from eating even more cookie.) I put a tag on with a cute "love" saying on it.

And the yummiest part of all:
White Chocolate with Strawberry Cheesecake.
Oh, the yummy goodness. Fresh strawberries and organic sugar, turned into fruity topping...white chocolate glaze...all atop a cheesecake with white chocolate in it...
It will make your taste buds sing!!!

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