09 December, 2011


Our first real tree! Yay!
It is a White Pine.
I love the long needles (okay, not the fact that my quite mobile baby could try eating them or that it's impossible to keep them all vacuumed, but it is beautiful) and the real-ness of it.

I raided Target clearance last year after Christmas, and am pleased with the red and silver decorations.

I'm pretty sure I've dreamed of this tree forever.
I remember one year being sternly told that I could leave or be quiet, because I was so bossy about the tree that no one else was having any fun.
So let me say, it is a blast getting to decorate a tree however I want and having a sweet Hubby who loves it!
And wouldn't you know, miss backward-in-her-walker Lucy decided she could go forward simply to pull the ribbon partway off and chew on it.
I seriously love that little girl.


  1. We also had a white pine this year, and we frequently commented that it was our favorite tree ever! They are beautiful!