03 January, 2013

A Wonderful Christmas-time

 We had a lovely Christmas time!
So many places, and yet so few pictures.
I'm grateful to say that I don't always get a photo because I'm enjoying the moment.

Here are some wonderful moments that did make it to the camera!


Sharing new things:

One of Lucy's beloved "Boppa"s:

All her friends:

Trying out Aunt Stef's new keyboard:

Four silly Aunts:

Two tutus! (And the cheese!)

 Uncle Titus, and little Cousin Ryan:
 Hello, cute baby face! He loves his hands.

 Grampa and Gramma with their Littles:

Another favorite new toy:

Fancy gal in her best duds:
I hope you all enjoyed being with your loved ones,
that you remembered to thank Jesus for being human and taking all our sin to make us holy,
and that you tell all who listen how much God loves them.

And Happy 2013!

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