03 September, 2010

I love Fall

Call it Fall or Autumn, whatever suits your fancy.
It's the time of year when the leaves turn color, fall to the ground, and get all crunchy and cool.
The bare branches look artistic and stark against often bleak skies, and gloriously sunny days are rarely so hot as in summer.
I admit, this is my favorite season.
At the sight of these on the ground, I knew it was official, and my daily hunt for any signs of pre-winter browning was momentarily satiated!

Of course, in my autumn-hunting frenzy, I have hereby decided to make homemade tomato soup (can't remember the last time I actually did this...) and grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch.

I am seriously a freak when it comes to pretty leaves, getting to wear cute jackets, and the fact that it's now season appropriate to pull out my awesome black boots.
Interesting how my biggest fascination with cooler weather has to do with clothing.
My true colors have been revealed.

1 comment:

  1. We need to hang out this fall!!!! I love cute jackets, pretty leaves, and boots! Really, we should go out somewhere just to see the pretty colors once they start to change :)