27 September, 2010


She is learning to be brave, to not fear what she has to learn (mental note of applicable life lesson).

She is learning to make friends, to be friendly and willing to be the one who is less aggressive.

She is demonstrating an early ability to rock any style.

She shows a desire to discover, to know if the limits she has found are the only limits existing.
To the parents, this can sometimes prove challenging.

She loves stuffed animals. This is what happens when I ask if she wants to "give a kiss". Her mouth is wide open!

She is my daughter, and I love her deeply.
She is almost a year old...
almost time to sing "Happy Birthday" to my 1-year-old...
almost time to make cupcakes and food and have family come to celebrate this first wonderful milestone...
almost time to stop calling her "baby" and recognize that toddlerhood will quickly be upon us.
But who am I kidding?
She will always be my little girl.

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