06 October, 2010

Birthday, Part Two

Part One, or,
How to Open Presents

1. Always read the card first, so you know whom to thank for this gift.

2. It is more than acceptable to pose for photos while you are opening your gifts.

3. Take time to enjoy your gifts, and show your thanks and appreciation to the giver.

A special play blankie and puzzle from Aunt Stephanie

A one-of-a-kind dress, beautifully sewed, smocked, and embroidered by your Aunt Lori, Aunt Heidi, and Aunt Ellie.

Aunts Megan, Esther, and Mary,
and Uncles Titus, James, Silas and Ezra
got you all sorts of fun toys, including new bath toys.

You got birthday money, a special letter from your grandparents, and another round of "Happy Birthday".
All told, you were completely doted upon and showered with affection and enjoyment!

Part Two, or, How to Eat a Cupcake1. Love being sung "Happy Birthday" for the umpteenth time.

2. Initial timidity is charming. Take time to get to know the cupcake.

3. Faceplants in the cake are acceptable. Your audience would have loved to see you follow through on this attempt.

4. Savor every bite, even if it means sucking every bit of frosting off your thumb before continuing.

5. Savor the flavor,and enjoy experiencing the sugary sweetness from every angle you can think of.

(if you drop some, we don't mind)

6. Since cake goes best with milk, we will accommodate a drink break halfway through.

7. It is polite to eat as much as you can hold. Even if holding it includes every chubby fold of skin, the creases in your legs, your diaper, your fingers...

Once you have eaten your cake, you are now free to enjoy the rest of your party, and finish playing with all your new things.

Thank you to all our family for such a fun and wonderful birthday party! We love you!

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