22 October, 2010

Lamp Shade Makeover

Since I tend to jump right into my projects, I forgot to take "before" pictures. But this should give you an idea of what the lamp shade looked like in Ava's original pink themed room.
These flowers were hot glued around the bottom edge of the shade. Cute, but now she has more purple in there, and I wasn't a huge fan of the flowers any more.
I took off as much glue as I could, realizing there was no way to completely remove it.
Then I pulled two different kinds of lace from my stash and glued them in alternate layers to cover the old glue.

I had 4 sections of ribbon that I had decided not to use with another project, so I knotted them, made a few adjustments, and glued the ribbon to cover the top of the lace.

Perfect for a cozy, warm glow. You can see the yellowed glue when the lamp is on, but that's typically for a short time before Ava lays down at night, and then maybe in the morning. It's not a big deal, and it looks perfect in her room.

Since I had all the materials on hand, it was free!


  1. What a lovely project, Hannah! It turned out so lovely and I'm sure it looks very pretty in Ava's room!


  2. You are sooooooo creative!! I envy your artsy side :)