16 October, 2010

Computers, etc.

Something has made my darling hubby very happy lately.
However, there is some history here that I think you should know.
Here are the facts:
1. Scott loves computers, and has wanted to have a master computer from which to run everything on the network, and ideally set up to run a home theater system.
2. I am perfectly fine with our boring old laptops.
3. It was brought to my attention that for a reasonable amount we (Scott) could rebuild an old computer a friend gave him so it would run the printers, scanner, and be an over all useful machine.
4. We discussed, wavered, and prayed about it. Was it a silly thing? Did we really need it? Since our kids aren't yet old enough to care about computers, was it really necessary?
5. Long and potentially boring story short, we decided it would be a good investment since Scott's laptop has been attempting to go on the fritz.

So...he has been gleefully working on his new project:

(He didn't even change after work...that is how excited he is about building computers, folks.)
Installed, running, and so pretty. Plus, we get to use our nice monitor we bought with Christmas money last year.

And now the et cetera:
My daughter is a bookworm, and I love it!

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  1. My family is into computers too! I'm afraid my brothers, father and Scott could talk for hours. We have more computers than we have people in the house... embarrassing. I blame my brother- he, like Scott, has a passions for building computers.