31 October, 2010


Tonight was a very cool night.

Trick-or-treating is an hour and a half, and we were a bit nervous, having never done this in town, together. Living in an apartment we never saw a single costumed soul.

We bought some tracts, and make what we decided to call treat bags, stuffing them with a tract each and some candy. It was so fun to see parents taking pictures, kids having fun, and the excitement that came with sending the Gospel with each precious child. My favorite were the two teen girls that rang the doorbell and then giggled nervously, wondering what I would do. I teased them about being "too old", and gave them each a bag. I was thrilled to send a Gospel message with them too!

Please join us in praying for each family that received a tract tonight. The salvation offered in Jesus is something that each and every person can ask for and receive, and we are praying for open minds and receptive hearts.

P.S. What did you do for Halloween? I'd love to hear your traditions, ideas, and ways you share Christ with your neighbors!

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