05 April, 2012

Hello, April

{Is it just me, or did the last 3 months fly by?!}

We "baked" cupcakes yesterday. Such fun!
These are free printables that I picked up a year ago, and waited until I knew Ava would appreciate them.
She loves them! Of course, Miss Ava has been about all things cupcakes lately!
Lucy is our busy little girl.
She is learning about "no".
She also likes to try and do what I call "cute her way out" of things.
(Unfortunately for her, smiling doesn't excuse throwing your food on the floor.)
Here she is demonstrating her spoon using skills:
And, for fun, my pigtail girl.
We are trying some new hairstyles to keep her hair clean longer. (Because when you're 2, things get grubby fast.)
And isn't it just adorable?!


  1. Hey, miss Ava, can you say "Adorable?"

  2. Nope, the months flew by for me, too! [smile] But the Lord's goodness remains always and how thankful I am for that!! Adorable pictures {as usual!}. My cousin Ava loves cupcakes, too. =) Blessings!!