10 May, 2010

I Love Being Spoiled

Mother's Day is a very special day to me. I loved making a big production out of it for my mom, and being a mom is so special! This year is different from last year. Last year I was 5 months pregnant, and feeling huge, but not necessarily mom-like. This year I have one visible darling little girl, and another un-visible baby being knit together by the hand of God.

My sweet husband and aforementioned darling little girl came home with these on Saturday evening:They had more in their stash, but it was declared a surprise until the next morning.

The corsage smelled so good, and Ava thought it was pretty cool!
She's the one who made me a mommy!

This card, on the inside, said, "I couldn't have picked a better mom". It was followed by some Ava scribbles and a loving note from my man.

I'm looking forward to every bouquet my children bring me!

My corsage...and the tastiest part of my lovely things!
We went to church, and enjoyed fellowship, teaching from God's Word, and a special part of the day where all the moms got roses! It was so sweet!
Then we went to Cracker Barrel. It's one of those restaurants where we can get our favorite foods. I get my plate full of fat and carbs, and Hubs gets his plate full of fat and protein.

In case you weren't tracking, I had pancakes and he got a steak.

It was good.
And I am so blessed to be a mommy!!!

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