06 February, 2014

Favorite Things {January Photo Dump}

The amazing husband and daddy I love and adore:
 (Parts of movies get intense, you all.)

 Church friends! Look how cute those kiddos are helping out...


When Lucy is a butterfly:

Any dress up, ever:

Big sister, little sister:

Reasons I can't walk like a normal person:

Life skills education:


 Fingerprints on my windows:


And my newest little daycare addition:
 (Lucy looooves him. Olivia does too, but mostly because she thinks he's a live baby doll.)

 The adorable Seeley Christopher has joined our weekly life.
He's so sweet!

I've been watching Riley for 2.5 years, now. 
We have some very crazy days around here, but I love it!

The reason I have food on my floor, smudged windows, and toys everywhere.
I wouldn't change it for anything!

 It's so sweet having babies around.
Speaking of, these chubby little hands are fast approaching a year old.


I'm so blessed to be a mommy!!!

Here we are, flying through the year already! Hard to believe it.
As you enjoy each day, remember, God created it-
thank Him.

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