30 October, 2014

Prairie Days!

 As part of our fall festivities with our local community, we attended an event called Prairie Days at a local conservation center.

My mom and siblings came for a parade that morning, and after lunch we all went to Prairie Days.

Several tried a Civil War-era saddle:

 Olivia was the only one of my girls who would actually get on the saddle, and then she quickly changed her mind. :) 

Examining copies of money, and different guns and pistols.

I got to shoot caps from one of the guns. This gun was a hybrid, used by the cavalry.

A prairie wagon, and tent. 
Ava could relate, as she is a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It certainly made parts of history understandable!

Sawing logs (in a non-sleeping way):

Grinding corn:

There were llamas! And a demo of how their wool was spun and woven. All very cool. 

Then the wildlife center, where we explored and learned:

We ended our time by watching the apple press, sampling fresh cider, and watching a candle making demo.

It was a time enjoyed by all!

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  1. So sweet! Your little ladies are growing up so quickly! Glad you guys had this fun adventure. :)