22 March, 2010


Spring does things to me.

It makes me want to match the sun's brilliance and do a million things all at once. So, I try to juggle multiple projects and still keep our apartment clean so as not to stress over a constant mess.
(Disclaimer: I frequently fail at keeping things clean. Please do not assume that I am perfect in this area. I would be mortified if you were to do so. Thanks)

Want to see what I've been doing lately? I finally pulled pictures off our camera...here's a glimpse at this past week:
Scott's birthday:
The ribeye steak...
The items of mass destruction...I mean deliciousness. The items of deliciousness:
I even made mashed potatoes from scratch. Yum:
Forgive me. I can neither stage nor photograph food. But this steak was incredible. Scott's comment was, "I could get addicted to this". Yes, it was that amazing.
"Happy birthday, darling!"

Now, while I am on the subject of food, I also made fresh bread. My second attempt in the 14 months we've been married, and it was pretty good too. Good flavor is a bonus, since we've got to eat it.

Like my scrapbooking goodies from Hobby Lobby? I love their paper sales. I get a little overeager when they have paper sales.To make the day complete, Hobby Lobby also had McCall's patterns for $1.99. I desperately wanted to make Ava a dress, but didn't want to pay more for a pattern than I would for a finished product. Bingo! Add some cute fabric, and we've got something going:
Ava seemed to like the pattern as well.

I realize that I take and post pictures of my child when she's happy. I would like to refute any "perfect parent" image you may think I'm trying to project. Please note the dissatisfation with mommy's choice of activity: cleaning over doting attention.
(Can I add here that she gets so much attention...I think that's why she was bummed...because I took a break from her...silly child. I still love you.)

My silly girl's response to me playing with her after the cleaning was done. Oh, my. Could she be any more female??

Thanks for reading.
This was long.
And random.
But I have neither the time nor patience to post seven different times.
So...I hope you enjoyed. :)


  1. I have tried making bread twice. Both times it tasted good...like a good tasting BRICK! haha...something wrong with the rising, it never works right for me! We'll see what happens when I try again.

    Well anyways, happy birthday Scott! Looks like a super tasty meal! :)

  2. Thanks for the pictures and the updates! The photo of you and Scott is great! It just may be one of my favorites of you two. (and there are a LOT to choose from! :-P )

    Ava is getting so big!! =) I love you all!

  3. Mmm...that steak looks awesome! I usually love Pioneer Woman's recipes. Can't wait to see the finished dress, too! The fabric is so cute, and spring-y!