31 March, 2010

The Dress...

Remember this awesome deal at Hobby Lobby? $1.99 patterns and expensive, er, gorgeous fabric? Well, something has finally emerged.
I put my sewing skills to work. This involved me thinking I was smarter than the pattern and having to rip out stitches. Which on the one hand is easier than my size clothing, since it's such a little dress. That can also make it harder. I finally wised up and obeyed the instructions. It was smooth sailing from there.

(This is my great grandmother's machine...it works like a dream!

The dress is amazing.

The hat, not so much.
It was my first attempt.
And that is why I decided that next time I make a hat,
I will not assume the measurements on the pattern assure that it will fit my daughter's head.

Yes, it is awkward. And it is now lying in a poor, abandoned heap, the elastic cut from it in order to be put to better use.

I whipped up this little headband. It is so much better. And can you say CUTE?!
It has a rosette, and it ruffles...and on Ava it is perfection. I'll show you what Easter morning brings...


  1. I wish I could follow patterns! The dress and headband are adorable! Great job!

  2. I had no clue that you made that dress!! How cool! :)