25 July, 2010

A Red Swing

(This has nothing to do with a red swing. It's just a super cute picture!)

Okay, this is about the red swing!

First Ava helped daddy splice the rope:
Then we watched daddy hang it from the tree.

Next, daddy sprayed the outside of the swing so the mosquitoes wouldn't suck all the sweetness out of the little girl.

Then we put her in it.

The initial "I don't know what to do about this!" reaction quickly faded and she had a blast!

Thank you, Sophie (and your mommy and daddy, too), for the swing! Ava loves it just as much as you did last summer.


  1. This makes me smile...because Ava looks so happy! Swings are awesome. Perfect tree for it, too. :) <-- that's me smiling.

  2. So fun! She does look like she is having a blast! Swings in trees are infinitely superior to swings on swing sets. =)