06 August, 2010

"Pet Projects"

Scott and I have had our individual dreams of projects to do.
His was to mount the projector from the ceiling. This is where one of those differences we have comes into play, because I guess it just didn't bother me that we had to put the projector on something to make it work. It bugged Scott to no end. Thankfully, all was put to rest by purchasing a ceiling mount.
Oh, wait. You can't see the projector. Oh, well. You can see the cute little baby head sticking up as Ava enjoys the fruits of her daddy's labor.

As for my project, well, I haven't liked our bedroom much at all. Yes, it matches our bedding (which is just uncanny), but it feels dark and gloomy. No new carpet until next year, but that's okay, I have paint!
I'll keep you posted on the Master Bedroom project...
For now, this color is about to disappear!
(Do you see the blue stripe along the ceiling? That's from taking off the weird molding and finding the even older paint under that.)

1 comment:

  1. hoodwinked is such a cute movie! ;-) In fact, I think it may have been Scott who introduced us to it. just perhaps. =)

    He's talked about that ceiling mount for a while now. How fun that it's finally reality!

    I'm excited to see photos of the room when you're done with it!!

    Oh, and by the way - I'm also excited to see you and your crew! I too, in less than an hour!!! yay!!! :-D