26 August, 2010


This post is pretty much about Ava, and things she does.
First, a look at real life.
My baby does not always smile...
In fact, she gets very sad when the food is gone.
(This picture is probably for the sole benefit of those that accuse my child of being always happy and never fussy. Ha! She's human, folks.)

We are teaching Ava about saving money, and looking for coupons to help with the grocery shopping. Thankfully, Wet Ones will take all that newsprint right off those pudgy baby fingers.
Oh, and she will point to things. I seriously think she says "over there". That may just be my mommy brain hearing what I want to hear.

Ava definitely knows what "outside" means, and she LOVES being told she's going outside! Mornings have been chilly lately, so we're flaunting her little Husker jacket.
She was squinting, and so I told her that the earth was rotating, and that's why the sun was now in her eyes rather than blocked by our house as it has been. I think that went a little over her head.
Ava is so much fun...
She fake laughs to imitate mommy,
and crosses her arms when she sees someone else doing it.
"Ungey" (hungry) stands for food (she picked up on us asking her if she was hungry, and then feeding her),
and "num num" is for thirsty (she finally decided to hold her cup!).
She waves Hi and Bye bye.
Ava cries for Mama when she's sad and will say Dada all the time.
She gets giddy when daddy gets home from work.
Rides in the car are fantastic (unless it's 7 hours to camp. That last hour is rough).
She still loves shopping with me (YES!!!).
She scoots, rolls, and generally has a blast playing,
does not crawl, but will get on her hands and knees in bed (we've watched her do it-goofball).
She loves her puzzle with the fuzzy farm animals.
She loves her walker, and will hang on to the steering wheel and look backward while she rolls that way, just like a real driver. It's hilarious!
She has the best grin ever. I love when she will get our attention and then just smile.
It's so darling.
I love her.

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