06 July, 2011


I sure am excited about this project!
(I love projects. They get my adrenaline going...and my decorating bug bites hard until the project is done!)

This all revolved around a can of chalkboard paint I got for Christmas last year. I've been practically dying to paint something but wanted to plan my action well.

We picked up some plywood from Menards, and painted it. We also got a basic trim piece.
(I decided this should be the first thing ever written on my chalkboard.)

Next step, buy a miter box and saw.
I cut this piece!
(Then my arm felt like it was going to fall off and my hand was cramping. So I found someone stronger to finish making the frame.)

My super-awesome Hubby got that frame cut out, and glued together for me in an evening!

And when you don't have corner clamps, you jerry-rig something with rubber bands.

The next morning, Hubby glued the frame to the chalkboard.
(Like our bracing system?)

One hanging bracket later (it will probably get two brackets at some point), and voila!

(HUGE thank you to my AMAZING husband for making this for me!!!)

Random picture:
The framing around the door glass was white this morning. I like this look better!

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