24 July, 2011

Slow and Steady

One thing Scott and I have learned over the past week
is that taking time to do renovation-
not rushing through big projects-
is relaxing, enjoyable, and allows for time enjoyed as a family.

We are getting closer to having the bedroom done.
It has been so fun to do this together.

The carpet is nearly installed.
My darling husband has been working on it in the evenings.
He's fantastic.

I'm working the color accents around the bedding, which we found at T.J. Maxx
I'm having fun with the pretty aspects of this room after pulling carpet tacks, scraping up nasty carpet pad, sealing a gross floor and (helping) haul a huge roll of carpet from the basement.
I figure now that Hubby is doing what he does best (all the heavy, labor-intensive stuff)
I will take care of the froofy stuff.
It's coming together!

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