06 July, 2012


This project started out with a doily and a quiet afternoon.
However, I'm going to show you the insert. It was a late addition, made because I didn't want to pay for a pre-made insert when I had an old unused fabric shower curtain lying around. 
(Note: I'm saving the top part with the grommets, because I might someday get around to custom-making a shower curtain that I actually like.)
I just cut two 17"x17" squares and used a 1/2" seam, ending with a standard 16" pillow form.
It got stuffed and sewn up. Voila.
 The slipcover is 3 panels of fabric sewn together, then trimmed to 17"x17".
I used an old doily for the front corner.
 The back (not pictured) is two 12"x17" pieces of fabric.
I hemmed one long edge on each piece, and then overlapped the hemmed edges in the middle, and sewed the outsides to the front of the slipcover. That way it's easy-peasy to change out slipcovers anytime, and they take 30 minutes tops to make. 
(Sorry about not having any in-process photos.)
So, that's my latest project. I haven't done much crafting lately and it was fun to do a bit of sewing again.
Bonus: Everything was on hand so this project was FREE.

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