02 July, 2012


You all remember Miss Lucy. 
She's the shorter of my cute little blondies.
Well, she's also a stubborn, determined little girl.
She really loves the little play people.
Specifically, trying to carry more than one in just one of her pudgy little fists.
That doesn't always work, and we've had some top-notch meltdowns.
There are not any "one for each hand!" epiphanies going on around here.
Do you see what else is great about the above picture? 
Miss Lucy is a free walker and delights in her newly discovered cruising skills.

Check out the bunny ears daddy got her: 
They are sort of like a hat which means they are the best ever.

 And my darling Miss Ava has an amazing smile!

She loves to have Thomas play the piano. It's seriously adorable.

 You see all those toys? We play hard around here.

I love this picture.
It's so Ava.
She has her dancing skirt on.
And her fancy shoes (with ruffle socks, of course).
And she's in front of a mirror.
(Of course.)

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